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Dolphin Circle

Friends of Stockton is proud of the accomplishments achieved since its inception, and for the generous support of our school community which has made it possible to continue building a legacy of excellence. As FOS continues to fund projects which will have a significant impact on the school and its students for years to come, we are proud to partner with Stockton parents, grandparents, and friends who contribute to our efforts through The Dolphin Circle. This group of dedicated Stockton supporters helps every student gain and access more from their education. With your involvement, we will continue to make our great school even better. 100% of donations go directly to the resources needed to elevate Stockton to operate at an even higher level – ultimately allowing our students to fulfill their greatest potential for the future.

If none of the options match your wish, or if you’d prefer to make your donation via check, please let us know:


One-time donations are a great way to support specific projects! The donation is completely tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your records. Unlike the Monthly/Annual options above, there is no minimum or maximum on the amount you can donate with the button below. You will prompted to enter the amount you wish to donate. All contributions are appreciated!


Described as a river of dimes, small monthly donations from a large group of supporters is the most ideal way for Friends of Stockton to continue the good work at Stockton Elementary. Small monthly donations add up, helping to ensure that FOS can be responsive to the needs of the faculty and staff at Stockton. Please consider making a recurring monthly donation to the organization. The setup is very quick and can easily be cancelled at any time, but means a great deal to FOS.

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Annual donations are a great way to support the efforts of FOS! Simply choose the annual donation amount that best fits your budge and you will be guided through a quick setup process. Like the Monthly donation option, the Annual donation can easily be canceled at any time.